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Embracing Freshness and Sustainability in Your Restaurant

a fresh cobb salad on a plate

A popular topic of conversation in today's society is how restaurants can reduce waste and improve the amount of fresh and locally sourced food in the kitchen. Here are a few ways to help your restaurant embrace sustainability inside and outside the kitchen.

Buy Local Produce

While not every item on your menu will always be in season and grown locally, consider looking at the crop calendar in your area and seek out a local supplier. Buying locally in bulk is an easy adjustment during peak season for the products you desire, and not to mention it is also delicious and inexpensive. Establish a relationship with a local produce supplier in your area and cook what's in season!

Reduce Waste

Manage how you dispose of your waste, and not just general waste but all of it. General waste is the most expensive kind of waste for restaurants, so start by thinking about what you can do to reduce it. Whether you weigh, measure, and compost your food waste or recycle items such as cardboard and glass, there are additional measures you can take to reduce your carbon footprint at your restaurant and beyond. Many restaurants forget the environmental impact their delivery and takeout containers can have once removed from their location. Next time, choose compostable materials and packaging!

Think Beyond the Food

Sustainability in a restaurant goes well beyond the menu. For example, train and remind your team to reduce water consumption by turning off faucets when they aren’t actively in use. Install motion-censored lights in hallways and challenge yourself to find new ways to reduce the overall consumption of energy.

Additionally, if you have the funds, you can upgrade your appliances or open a new restaurant, consider investing in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient equipment to reduce your restaurant's carbon emissions.

Fresh Dishes at Loretta’s Last Call

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