Just when you thought there was nothing new under the sun, there appeared the Muddy Magnolias. Stars by nature, Kallie North and Jessy Wilson deliver something rare. Something with a secret essence, magical and unique. Unswervingly devoted to their craft, these two innovators have milked the everyday experience of the 21st century woman to create a powerful and mesmerizing sound. They are quick to showcase their versatility, mingling the trademark qualities of America's most beloved genres. It makes sense. Kallie cut her teeth on Delta blues, living the rural life in the extreme along the banks of the Mighty Mississippi river. Jessy, on the other hand, grew up hearing the clackety-clack of subway trains and the diverse sounds of Brooklyn, New York. But a shared passion brought them together in Nashville, Tennessee, and their collaboration seems to promise a wave of timeless hits that are bound to be jukebox favorites. By invoking the spirits of rock and roll, country music, the blues, and hip hop, they make their appeal to the modern American woman to live large! So watch closely, and listen carefully, as the Muddy Magnolias weave their soulful spell.

Upcoming Shows at Loretta's:

Sunday August 9th at PM • Muddy Magnolias 11AM