The smooth vocal harmony and driven sound of new Country Music duo Austin's Rose is comprised of Taylor Cornilles and Tim Gore. Austin's Rose is music from the heart. With so many changes in the music industry in today's world, it's hard to find artists like Austin's Rose who have honed in on their craft, know exactly who they are, how they want their music to sound, and what they want their lyrics to say. With over 30 years of live performance between the two of them, Austin's Rose has found major success in it's short life.

While seeing success in many area's of music, Tim and Taylor have always strived to keep their vision on the "real thing". "I've always wanted to put together a product of good music that would be marketable in an industry that is saturated with so many artists doing the same thing," Tim said of Austin's Rose. "What's so great about Austin's Rose is that it wasn't forced. We just played a show together and we both instantly felt the magic. Neither of us had alot of experience singing harmony because we've been solo artists the majority of our careers. But when singing harmony to one anothers voice, it just comes natural. To this day when we write songs and we just somehow figure it out." They figured alot of it out with their self titled debut album "Austin's Rose". With songs like "Us" and "Just Breathe" you can not only hear the blend of Taylor and Tim's vocies, but you can feel the emotion and connection the two have for one another and their music.

Once they were solo artists playing the streets of Nashville waiting for some kind of break. Now they are driven, focused, and hungry to make their dreams come true together. With a deep faith in religion, support from family and friends, a strong social media presence, and a loyal fanbase who craves for their music, the success of Austin's Rose is limitless.


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