Kristen Merlin is a singer, songwriter & guitarist from the small town of Hanson, Massachusetts. She has been singing her heart out since childhood, and her career has expanded nationally after appearing on NBC's "The Voice."

     Her career began after college when she soon became part of a duo with Kristin Pimental and they went by the name of Circling Straight. 

   After a year or so of performing as a duo, Kristen broke away and began her career as a solo artist. From there, she continued to rock the South Shore’s music scene. In 2014, Kristen placed in the Top Five on NBC's Emmy Award Winning show The Voice. She went onto tour 31 US cities with former The Voice contestants. 

   Kristen is back as the lead singer of her self-titled band and they are taking over the New England music scene. In January 2015 she released her EP - "Boomerang" and has been touring the country performing since.  


Upcoming Shows at Loretta's:

Thursday, September 18th at 11PM & Friday, September 19th at 7:30PM