Originally hailing from the great Pacific Northwest, Scott is an award winning Nashville based Performing Singer/Songwriter and the creator/co-host of Radio/TV's "The Music Row Show", heard in 38 states and seen nationwide on the BlueHighways TV network. Scott is proud to be an endorsed Larrivee Guitar artist.

He performs regularly in Nashville at the Bluebird Cafe, Douglas Corner and the Commodore Grille as well as house concerts and many songwriting festivals around the country and overseas. Scott has written and co-written more than 60 Indy cuts with artists such as: Marc Alan Barnette, Emma Jacobs, Stephanie Layne, Jenny Casey, Jamie Nattier, Bob Karwin, Becky Blackaby, Tom Templeman and Canadian Artist Damian Follet. He has released 3 solo songwriting projects and his 4th, "The Last Honkytonk In Town" is due for release in Q2 2016. 

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