Tutti Druyan began her career at the early age of 3. The singer and actress started out by dubbing some of the most successful cartoons in Israel, her native land. Dragon Tales, Rolie Polie Olie, the Barbie direct-to-DVD Movie Series, and The Smurfs, which Druyan has also directed, are just a few of Tutti’s voice-over successes. The young talent has performed on grand stages all over Israel in some of its top, most viewed productions. At the age of 10, Tutti has been casted as the lead role in one of Israel's most successful yearly shows, "Festigal," and toured in stadiums all over the country.

By the age of 12, Druyan also took part in a play of one of the nation’s most respected theaters “Tzavta,” and co-hosted a Children’s News T.V. show. Tutti has performed in various venues and events including the Air Canada Centre of the Toronto Raptors, the Berklee Performance Center, the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival, the Outside the Box Festival, and the Latin Grammy Awards. In the summer of 2012, the 24 year old has dubbed and directed the American English version of the film, Miffy the Movie, which was released in theaters around the world. During that same time four holiday albums Tutti sang in as a child, were certified platinum. Since then, Druyan has appeared in several productions brought to life by composer, and Jewish Music Theater artistic director, Matti Kovler. Performances like "Ami and Tami," "Children's Songs," "A Tribute to Israeli Song," and "The Seekers of Light," were presented in prestigious locations such as the Museum of Fine Arts and the Fenway Center in Boston.

More recently, Tutti sang alongside one of Israel's leading musicians, Professor Menachem Wiesenberg, in an evening dedicated to his works. In addition, Druyan sang the American and Israeli National Anthems in places such as the Annual Dinner of the Friends of the IDF in New England, Logan International Airport, and The Massachusetts State House. Currently, Tutti Druyan is working on her debut EP which will be released later in the year. 


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